Life’s a Beach!

OK so you know what we mean - sometimes life can be well... exhausting! Family, school runs, work, soccer, la crosse matches, social calendars and cupcakes! Then there’s the real stingers that can throw us for a loop - losing a loved one, your health takes a hit - sometimes it can all seem too much and often leaving us screaming “I just need a vacation!” At Saint La Vie we celebrate life no matter what life throws at us! We were inspired by a friend recently who despite being faced with one of the major ones did not let it get her down and more importantly embraced the fun in it - a hospital room decorated in sparkling unicorns, precious stones and good vibes to prove it! With Mexican holidays just around the corner - Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) and All Saints Day (celebrated Oct 31-Nov 2) we are reminded that whatever your walk of life we can all join together to celebrate life (and death) and have fun doing it!

Saint La Vie