Thankful times

Off course it’s that time of the year where many of us reflect on life, we gather with our families (whether we like it or not!), gather with our friends (usually we love that!), eat delicious food, partake in traditions, volunteer for worthy causes, help someone in need or contribute something important to us to others, decorate our homes and have fun!

Whatever we are doing, we at Saint La Vie feel grateful and fortunate to be part of a great team who are able to bring beautiful products, made by talented people to our customers without whom we literally would not exist! So, if you are taking the time to be on our website, meet us in person or on the phone and get to know us, we wanted to take a moment and say in a good ol’ Texan way “THANKS Y’ALL!!

the project womens show award 2018 sant la vie
As a result we were honored with a prestigious award at The Project Women’s Show in Las Vegas in August of this year for “Best New Collection” Our humble, talented founder Jennifer Olson says, “It was the fist time we had gone to Vegas and the competition was stiff.  We felt so honored and happy that our collection was so well received. It was a great feeling to win such a prestigious award” We want our customers to know that we recognize that this would not have been possible without your loyalty and trust and we hope that this will only increase with this news!

With gratitude,
Saint La Vie