About Us

Founded in 2015 by Jennifer J., Saint La Vie was born out of Jennifer’s love of the beach and Mexican culture, it's colors and it's people. Living the Cancun life for 14 years and venturing down to Tulum, the lifestyle and the style inspired Jennifer to bring the colorful, relaxed, stylish, eco-friendly, unique styles to people around the world to enjoy as much as she does - to live the Saint La Vie life! Saint La Vie started designing and partnering with artisans to create unique recycled beach totes and sustainable palm bags in Mexico and has since moved into jewelry from Colombia and India.  In addition to bringing unique artisans styles to the world Saint La Vie strives to create social and environmental impact in the countries we work in, creating lasting partnerships with artisans and making efforts towards sustainable practices. Saint La Vie hopes to expand its line of high-fashion, artisan created products and increase its impact with many more countries in the future.

Our Mission

Saint La Vie is to live and enjoy life and to inspire and support others to do the same. YOU are Saint La Vie if you love beautiful, functional, unique products designed and created with intention and artisanal flair! Saint La Vie represents relaxation, color, beach, fun, adventure, functionality and uniqueness. Saint La Vie will get you noticed at your next time out whether at a summer polo party, at the farmers markets in Aspen or at the Four Seasons in Punta Mita. Our designers collaborate with local artisans to produce our products. Most of them work from home so they can also take care of their families. Saint La Vie's extraordinary feel for color, style and beach vibes and its unique mission has led us into stores like Anthroplogie and Nordstrom and to over 100 retailers around the US, Japan and Korea. 

Being kind to the environment is VERY important to us. Our Stella handbags are made out of recycled plastic and our palm totes are sourced from sustainably cut palm trees.

We are also firm believers of giving back to our local community. We are proud sponsors of the Escuelita de Sonia in Cancun, Mexico. https://www.laescuelitadesonia.com

Each collection is designed with fun, adventure and style in mind.

Come Join the Saint La Vie tribe!